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HSBC Internet Banking Registration

Step 1: Identity Verification Help
HSBC Premier

(852) 2233 3322
HSBC Advance

(852) 2748 8333
Other Personal Banking

(852) 2233 3000


Select Account Type
Bank Account No.
Select PIN Type
Please input the last 6 digits of your registered mobile phone number. (Details)

  • E.g. If your mobile phone number is "98765432", please input "765432".
  • Please input the last 6 digits of mobile phone number which you have registered with us previously. An SMS passcode will be sent to you after clicking the "NEXT" button. Please make sure that your mobile device is turned on and have turned off SMS forwarding function during the registration process if you have subscribed to such service.
  • If you have not provided your mobile phone number to us previously, please download, complete and return thePersonal Details Change Form to us. We will update your record accordingly and issue a confirmation letter to you, then you could start the HSBC Internet Banking Registration.
  • The PIN for Interactive Voice Response System (for MPF customers only) is no longer applicable for the HSBC Internet Banking Registration.
Nature of Bank Account
Sole Account

Joint Account
Issue No.
(What is issue no.?)
What is issue no.?
Issue no. is at the digit at the bottom right of your ATM card.


Identification Document No. Please note that only accounts under the same HKID and registered name will be shown on PIB automatically, otherwise please conduct self maintenance in the page of "Maintain My Details" after this registration process. (Details)
HKID Passport and other identification doc:
E.g. Your HKID no. Please input Please input all letters and numbers
A123456(7) A123456
AB987654(3) AB987654
Email Address The email address provided here will update the record with the Bank for future communication.